Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Collaboration idea!

Hi all,

I though of a way we could do collaborations on this. All we need to do is use the magic of illustrator and email! It looks like a lot of steps but is super easy and i think could be a fun way to kill time during the day or quickly do something creative after work.

Step #1 - open a new illustrator document
Step #2 - Start a drawing that is 1/3 of the page, at the top of the page
Step #3 - put a white box, or coloured box over your part of the drawing (but make sure you leave the two small lines visible so the next person can continue the drawing)
Step #4 - send it to a friend!
Step #5 - friend does their part, without looking at the first part, then they add another white box to their part.
Step #6 - They send it back to the first person or onto another person
Step #7 - When the three parts are done, look at it! save it for web and post it! or send it to me and i will post it!

let me know if anyone wants to start one up with me!


ross said...

Love it. As soon as I have a spare moment I'll throw something your way!

carmel dias said...

i'm soo in!

chryssi said...

sounds like an exquisite idea. get it, get it? exquisite. i'm so hilarious.

Emma Wright said...

Hey So in I love it.

Milks said...

I'm in for sure.

Milks said...

I'm working on one right now, who should I send it to?

Jenn L said...

oh man! me and carmel did one so i will send it to you to finish

you can send it to me if you want!